Wardens are harsh and cruel


SOMEONE from Lakatoi Haus at Waigani needs to outline the real purpose of employing the most unruly mob as wardens.
Many of us are getting to the end of our patience when these rogues turn up on unsuspecting women and demand to remove their wares of sale.
To add salt to the wound, these rogues dig into the women’s bilums or bags and pull out anything the bag may contain, with the intent to get any cash the vendors may have collected from the sales made a couple of minutes back.
Other items like mobile phones are never returned.
Being outnumbered and powerless, the womenfolk would stand afar helplessly and watch while these hooligans share the spoils amongst themselves.
These womenfolk are either wives or mothers to someone their size and aggression level.
I will not be surprised should some confrontation eventuate soon.
A situation I saw recently has prompted me to air this concern.
An elderly mother with an infant was selling fried eggs in front of the Public Service Commission office area in Waigani.
Upon seeing the wardens approaching, she piggy-backed the infant, picked up her container of eggs and ran straight across the forever busy Waigani Drive with two of them in hot pursuit. Thank God she made it across while the two had to stop due to traffic.
What if the mother and the infant were run over by the many vehicles she avoided?
Many people had to scold the two as to why they had to chase the mother and infant onto the busy road and beyond, to which they replied, they were only doing their job.
Lakatoi Haus must list what can be sold and what is prohibited.
Please remember, many sell to survive in the city. Port Moresby is our city.

Frank Gamezuho