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Prison officer sent home for helping gang leader Baker escape

A PRISON officer has been sacked for helping notorious gang leader Tommy Maeva Baker escape while being escorted to a hospital last October, an official says.
Southern region assistant commissioner for Correctional Services Henry Wavik said two other officers who were part of the team escorting Baker to the Port Moresby General Hospital were told to pay K1,000 each for their “negligence”. They however will keep their jobs.
“He (prison officer) was dismissed after facing charges relevant to Baker’s escape. And two officers were fined K1,000 each for causing the escape to occur while some senior officers were transferred out of the prison management,” he said.
Correctional Services Minister Chris Nangoi told The National yesterday that he would make a comment on the penalties imposed on the officers after receiving a report from Commissioner Stephen Pokanis.
Wavik said the sacked officer was not included in the party escorting Baker from the Bomana Prison to the Port Moresby General Hospital on Oct 3, 2018.
“He had completed his night shift (but) volunteered to be part of the escort party.
“He came along after he received information that Baker was to be taken to the hospital,” Wavik said.
He suspected that the escape had been planned in advance. Baker was taken to the hospital after complaining of a knee problem.
“He was on crutches when taken to the hospital,” Wavik said.
“At the hospital, there was a vehicle waiting for him.
“He quickly threw away the crutches, ran and got into the vehicle and escaped.
“Only one officer was dismissed after been charged for Baker’s escape.
“The two officers were fined because they were on escort duty when Baker escaped.
They are now back on duty at the Bomana prison after paying the fines.”
Wavik said since Baker’s return to Milne Bay, there had been an increase in criminal activities, including the shootout with police in Alotau.
Earlier, Central police commander Chief Supt Sibron Papoto said Baker and eight of his gang members were arrested at Taurama Beach in Port Moresby in August last year.
“They were escaping from police in Milne Bay after robbing a Bank South Pacific branch at Hagita on June 19, 2018.
“Police, on a tipoff, hid at Tuna Bay and arrested them when they were landing on the beach.”
He said Baker escaped from Giligili prison in Milne Bay and his gang had allegedly been involved in criminal activities in Milne Bay and coastal villages along the border of Northern and Central.


  • Now are days those prison officers (wanders) be mindful because some prisoners may say true depend on the condition of the illness while others may lie depend on the condition of escape. If any prisoners want to go to hospital for medical or other treatments, be careful when escorting them because they have plan already to escape. These idiot officers would have escorted him (prisoner) with alert and see their movement very closely.

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