Warders refresh skills

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The National, Monday 3rd June 2013

 FORTY-TWO warders of all ranks from the Baisu jail in Western Highlands have completed two weeks of skills training last Friday to improve their performance.

They also put on a parade to welcome deputy CS commissioner corporate affairs David Melenge.

The warders were trained on report writing, professional and personal development, supervisory skills, code of ethics and management.

Melenge said they had been taught the skills a long time ago and the training was meant to refresh their memories.

He said the skills were important as they would change their behaviour and conduct at work and improve their performance.

“This training is very important and will have the other 60 warders on shift duties to undergo the training,” Melenge said.

“After all warders have undergone the training, I will come back one day to see that Baisu correctional facility has changed.” 

He said co-operation, attendance and respect by wardens were important in strengthening an institution and officers must perform their duties.

“Whatever rank you are in, perform your duty with pride, honesty and respect. 

“At the end of the day, if you are wrong and involved in corruption, nature will take its course to reveal your wrong conduct,” he said.

Baisu commanding officer Supt Timbi Kaugla said although there was bad publi­city on the department recently, not everyone was involved and a few rotten apples painted a bad image of the institution.

Brushing aside the negative reports of the CS in the country, Kaugla said warders at Baisu were co-operative and performing to the best of their abilities.