Warders right to shoot at escapees

Letters, Normal

THE shooting of some inmates who broke out of Baisu prison in Mt Hagen early this month has drawn some criticisms against the Correctional Services.
More than 50 inmates were involved in the break-out.
Reports say five were killed and two more later succumbed to injuries.
Several others were injured.
At least 30 are still on the run.
There are two issues here: the shooting of the escapees and the conditions at Baisu prison (or for that matters, other prisons in the country as well).
Certainly, prisons in PNG need to be greatly improved.
Their conditions are deplorable and are a source of illnesses.
But can we accept that as a reason for any prisoner to escape?
Let us not forget that prisoners are behind bars for a reason.
They are either suspects or people who have been convicted of certain crimes, including murder, rape, assault, etc.
They are not paying hotel guests.
Why should taxpayers have to pay to house and feed these people who have committed crimes against law-abiding citizens?
Ask ourselves that question when we stare into the muzzle of a gun held by a raskol, or when our wives and daughters are being assaulted.
Yes, I have little sympathy for most criminals and I do not apologise for it.
Armed with a gun or bush knife, they have shown little hesitation in killing their victims.
We have prisons so that criminals can be prevented from committing more crimes.
Criminals must serve their sentence.
If they refuse and wish to escape, then they must be prepared to pay the price.
Do critics expect prison guards to stand by and do nothing?
Do critics expect prison guards to just slap any prisoner on the wrist for trying to escape?
I would commend the guard for doing their job.
We need to wake up from this silly mentality that we should not shoot escapees.
We need to look at the deteriorating law and order situation and face up to what needs to be done.
We need tougher penalties against criminals to deter them.
Our police are underpowered and inept.
When they do catch the criminals, the courts hand out sentences that will have these people out in no time to commit more crimes.
Unless we decide to get tough, law-abiding citizens will have to remain indoors.
Who is getting the better deal?


Port Moresby