Warders told to expect payrise

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The National,Thursday19 January 2012

UPNG journalism student

EMPLOYEES of the Correctional Services can expect adjustments in their pay this year, according to their trade union leader.
Correctional Service Employee Association general secretary Jeffery Borari told financial members serving in the country’s 18 jails that the association would ensure they were paid whatever was due to them.
He said because the last pay rise awarded to them was way back in January 2008, another pay rise was overdue.
He said a budgetary allowance of K6.75 million was to take effect from Jan 1, 2011 to cater for the staff strength of 1,405 employees.
The break-up is as follows:
l Salary and service allowance – K4.5 million;
l Overtime and shift allowance – K1 million;
l Domestic market allowance – K500,000;
l Other skill and work-related allowance – K500,00;
l Senior officers contract allowance – K250,000
The balance of K90 as risk allowance, out of the K180 budgeted for, is yet to be paid too, he said.
A 7.5% increase for public servants across the board was the agreement between the Public Employees Association and the Department of Personal Management.