Wards to keep records

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The National, Friday 04th November 2011

EACH ward under the local level government will be required to keep books for statistics in their wards, according to the national government.
Minister for National Planning and Monitoring Sam Basil said the ward councillors should use the books to keep statistics in their areas.
Basil, who initiated the project, said the record books would be used by planners, policy formulators and decision makers to make decisions resulting in better policy formulation, equal resource allocation and monitoring of development progress in terms of health, education, agriculture and infrastructure.
“I am tired of attending international conferences where unverified statistics are waved in our faces. Therefore, the National Statistical Office will come up with an annual statistical survey,’’ he said..
Basil said the project should make the National Statistical Office more visible because they only surfaced during the national census.
He has directed the NSO to print and distribute 7,000 ward record books containing simple survey forms by next month and expects the forms to be returned by March next year.
The NSO will conduct training for LLG managers to run trainings with the ward councillors in their sub-districts.