Wardstrip graduates Gr 2 pupils

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The National – Friday, December 10, 2010

MORE than 400 Grade 2 pupils attending Wardstrip Elementary School in the National Capital District graduated yesterday, witnessed by their parents and guardians, friends and other students.
Wardstrip Elementary has more than 1,000 students and 18 staff members.
Deputy head teacher Yana Semo explained that the school had exceeded the normal teacher-to-student ratio with about 60 children to a teacher.
When asked how teachers cope with such big numbers in a class, he said they have coaching classes every Saturday where teachers were assigned to come in and help children catch up with their school work.
Semo said consequently, enrolment numbers would not be increased next year.
He said this would ensure each teacher was allowed only the required number of children to give them ample time to address each student’s needs.
On the question of reducing enrolment figures, Semo said: “Every child has the right to an education and we cannot deny them that right.”
The children were presented various awards based on their academic and non-academic performances including cultural awards.
Selections for the cultural awards were carried out during the Independence Day celebrations at the school where the winners were selected by the audience.
Semo said the aim of the cultural award was to keep the cultural spirit alive among children so that they can grow up valuing their unique cultures and traditions.