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John Iara
The cop killers’ tribesmen protesting for peace after the brothers were slain. – Pictures supplied

TWO cop killers were assassinated by their rival tribesmen during a gambling session that went awry in Tari on Tuesday afternoon.
Both were armed with guns when one was shot dead and another slashed to death.
The duo, both brothers, had been on the run for about two years after killing a policeman. They were also wanted for a string of murders in Huli, Tikibi, Ambuna, Wabia and Tari.
Police have identified the cop killers as Anthony Paia and James who were described as warlords.
Hela acting commander Sr Insp John Iara said Anthony was shot dead on the spot and James was slashed on the neck which was almost severed.
“Both were armed and we have recovered their factory-made guns,” he added.
Sr Insp Iara said both cop killers had just returned from fights in Porgera and had their factory-made firearms in their possession.
“In the midst of a card game, Anthony was shot dead about 30m away by a man armed with an M16.
James heard the gunshot and tried to pull out his gun in retaliation but a tribesman standing next to him, pretending to be watching the card game, slashed him in the neck,” he said, adding that police were still investigating the cause of the killings.

Cop killer Anthony was shot dead by an M16-toting tribesman.
Cop killer James was slashed to death with his neck almost severed.

“Security forces went to the scene and removed the bodies of the duo to Tari Hospital Mortuary,” Sr Insp Iara said.
“The situation after the killing is quiet with no signs of retaliation. We are monitoring the area.
“I am appealing to other tribe leaders out there to lay down their arms and surrender to the police.
He said firearms had always been a threat to the community and that peace can only be restored when firearms are surrendered,” he added.
In another incident Kopija clan clash, Sr Insp Iara said four men, aged between 20 and 60, were killed on Sunday and in the early hours of Monday.
He said the killings occurred in Koropo’s Pureni in Hela.
“We believe the violence were payback killings.
“We moved in, stopped the fight and conducted awareness to stop the clashes.
“The fighting is not new and it had been happening over the years within the Kopija clan.”


  • The simple rule is, if you live by the Gun, will die by the Gun, actactly what is happening, I congratulate the tribe for declaring peace. It is good see peace being declared.

  • Police alone will not solve the warlords and tribal conflict initiators to justice. It is the work of both community or tribal leaders and the police to curb the current series of lawless in the region. Well done and congratulations to those who have removed the unwanted elements in the society. It is always the case that there won’t be ant retaliations or fight in such murder cases. Problem at solved for some people here.

  • IT’S PAYBACK…expect a payback…the cycle of payback doesn’t end when a revenge is executed…the revenge itself triggers another payback…..that is how it is in Hela.

    So cops, shouldn’t be running around trying to find out the reason for the open murders but rather getting out and working on the best strategy to cut off the payback cycle.

  • Let these people live their lives. It is acceptable for them to kill each other. Who are we to judge? We see a 6 and they see a 9. We are all right.
    Bright being right or wrong appears relative.

  • If iam a policeman why will I bother to go serve in this primitive place where aliens are still roaming around the earth. This was not the first time. Time and time again it’s happening. PNG will be better of with those primitive. Let them continue hunting and killing themselves and declare that part of the country no go zone coz alien are living there who does not know the rule of law.

  • Every ACTION will have a REACTION whether good or bad as the Bible also approves stating you will REAP what you SOW. The two blocks in Hela reap their wages in full.

  • They deserved to die, the blood of those slain ed by these crooks are on their shoulders. This is a Waring to others WANNA BE, you can pull triggers on God,s image but what’s waiting for you will be the same as you did to the victims

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