Warning issued as explosives found


POLICE in Lae are appealing to residents in the city who may have information on suspicious materials in their neighbourhood to come forward and report it to police as they could be explosives.
Chief Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr made the call yesterday after two people were caught with explosives in their possession.
The materials their seized included 23 bags of Ammonium Nitrate, Explosive Cables, C4 explosives and more than 800kg of related explosive compounds.
“I call on the public to come forward with information and assist police,” Wagambie said.
“Those explosives are very dangerous if in the wrong hands.
“We have recovered some of the explosives which were in the hands of criminals.”
Wagambie said criminals who broke into a company premises and stole the explosives in East Taraka were not  experts in using substances found in their possession.
Wagambie said the company that had failed to secure the explosives was being investigated.