Warning on false birth certificates

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The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013

 REGISTRAR-general Augustus Wagambio has warned members of the public against buying false birth certificates from unauthorised people.

“People are producing false birth certificates and selling it to the public,” Wagambio said.

“My signature has been falsified on those birth certificates and sold on the street which makes them illegal.”

Wagambio urged the people to follow proper procedures in getting genuine birth certificates from the registry.

Birth certificates can be obtained on request at Vulupindi Haus, Waigani, for K15 each. 

“Children below 18 and people living with disability will be given birth certificates without paying any fees,” Wagambio said.

“After buying the certificates, people can bring it down to the civil registry department office at Boroko for me to sign.”

Wagambio accused some of his officers in the civil registry of selling birth certificates.

“We don’t need such officers in the department,” Wagambio said

“Once I find out who those officers are, they will be removed immediately from the department.”

Those caught producing and selling false birth certificates can be fined K50,000 to K100,000, or face a jail sentence of 10 to 20 years.

Wagambio has called on members of parliament to support the civil registry department in the registering of people in their electorates.

He said the department lacked manpower and funding.

“We have programmed everything and are waiting to carry out work but we are still waiting for government funding,” Wagambio said.

He said it was important to know the population of PNG because right now it was an estimated figure.

“It is vital for members of parliament to know the exact number of people living in their electorates in order to carry out work and deliver services effectively,” he said