Warning on project fees

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The National, Monday February 24th, 2014

 SCHOOL authorities throughout the country have been warned not to charge more than K200 in project fees.

That warning came from Acting Education Minister, James Marape in Parliament last Thursday in response to Usino-Bundi MP, Anton Yagama’s question on whether there was a policy in place on the amount of project fees that schools should be charging.

Yagama told Parliament that the only high school in his electorate was charging K500 as project fee and that was a huge burden on parents and guardians of students attending that school.

Marape said the National Education Board (NEB) has since then allowed for the limit of K200 to be charged as project fees right across the country.

He said there was no reason why any school board could charge fees above K200.

“No schools in this country should be charging for whatsoever reason any money above K200 as set by the NEB, which is the highest authority as far as Education Policy is concerned,” Marape said.

“I ask the provincial educational boards (PEBs) and provincial education advisors in every province to take heed of this policy announcement by the government as well as the NEB on the K200 maximum fee and start to issue circulars which I and the Secretary will issue at the national level.

“And for them to follow up with all schools nationwide that come within their jurisdiction in the provinces to establish that no schools do charge above K200. 

If school charges above K200, I will recommend strongly and will see to it that those boards are dissolved and call for new appointments for new school boards.”

Marape told the House that the announcement was not new as it was made known in 2011 that project fees were to be maintained at K200. 

He said there were special exceptions and those would come through approval from the PEB. 

He said PEB saw the rationale of those exceptions, especially for critical infrastructure, and would make the recommendation to NEB for approval. 

Marape said the fees should be charged upon consultation and consensus from parents and guardians based on the need of the school.