Warning to fix fake visas

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IMMIGRATION and Border Security Minister Westly Nukundj is advising foreigners with fake visas to produce them at the ministry office so that the documents can be sorted out.
He said in a statement yesterday the fake visa problem was a threat to national security.
Already some immigration officers have been arrested as an internal investigation is underway.
“I am now calling on nationalities who are in possession of fake visas to turn themselves over by contacting my staff here at the ministry,” he said.
“This is a warning to non-citizens who obtained their visa through fraudulent means to report it before our investigators catch up with you.”
The PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority is understood to have so far arrested and charged six individuals for their involvement in the production and distribution of fake visas. A fake visa can be detected at entry points by the border management system.
When the visa number is not found on the system, it is presumed to be fake.
Trained document examiners can pick up a fake visa from the font size on the visa label.
Those found to have fake visas can be deported and blacklisted.
Nukundj said during a dinner in Port Moresby on Sunday hosted by the Bangladesh Business Association that foreign investors should abide by PNG immigration laws.
He said he was entrusted to protect Papua New Guinea borders and facilitate trade and foreign investment by issuing visas to bring in genuine visitors and foreign investors.
“At the same time, I am entrusted to remove unscrupulous foreigners and protect our borders from illegal foreigners,” he said.
“I will invite you but I will also remove you when you do not respect the laws.”


  • I hope the Bangladeshis heard what they expected.

    I’ve been wondering what skills set this particular group of people with discharge to the nation. How to run a trade store? How to sell fake goods?

    What are the conditions on their Visa?

  • Well done Minister! We are taking back PNG from those that have sold this country to the dogs. The Entry and Exit point of any foreigners is the ministry you are tasked to look after. You have done well so far so maintain that commitment and dedication as future of PNG is in your hands as the current custodian.
    Also those foreigners with fake visa’s may want to make their way in to the books of the country’s citizenship if they find that all the entry and exit are being blocked so make effort ensure that our national registry system is not manipulated to entertain foreign crooks

  • Well, about time, please ministers, check those fake visas, fake products, & fake Asians also, like all those South East Asians.

    These are the people who like to come to PNG & claim that they have technical expertise like mechanics, computing, carpentry, where in the event, they make up professional jobs on the VISA & state that they are here to train PNG people, infact, its all garbage.

    Sorry for PNG people, while their salary cap is K20.00 per hour & PNG people only get K3.00 per hour or less?

    Its happening in PNG & I’ve seeing it at East New Britain Province in the bush, especially logging companies, supermarkets etc…..

    Please minister, this has to be taken very seriously because these people are not teaching us anything & I haven’t learnt anything from these South East Asians.

    We must protect our land & resources & they must not continue to use PNG people on our own land. We must not let them come to PNG anymore.

    One suggestion would be to;

    1). Countries that are from South East Asian regions should under go English test that is worth 7.0GPA & if this is achieved or above this mark, he/she will be granted.

    2). Ask why they are visiting/travelling?

    3). The duration of stay?

    4). Medical/criminal records

    Concerned citizen, Alotau.

  • Was surprised to see almost all the small transits guest room like K50 per hour used are run by those Bangdlash. Authorities really need to do a clean up check on there especially around Port Moresby

  • Check the Fijians as well. There is a sudden influx of Fijians. What kind of BS technical expertise do they have that we cannot find in PNG

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