Warning to potential new schools: Follow the process


SCHOOLS authorised to operate must have the necessary facilities conducive for student learning, Constitutional Law Reform Commission secretary Dr Mange Matui says.
“They should have laboratories, libraries, playing field facilities,” he told the FM 100 talkback show yesterday during a discussion on the terms of reference of the review of education laws in PNG.
“Those are important requirements that we need to have before the Government says ‘yes, you are now the established schools, you can now allow students to come and be taught at the particular venue’.”
Dr Matui said private and public schools were “popping up everywhere” and there was a need to regulate them as they were educating the workers and leaders of tomorrow.
He urged those interested in establishing schools to follow proper processes and procedures as per the standard set out by the Education Department and Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology.
“You cannot just go to the Government, you cannot just go to a politician and push your way to establish an institution,” he said
“You must go through a substantive process and meet certain important requirements in order for that particular school or institution to be recognised as an educational institution.”
Dr Matui told listeners that the review of schools came under the national standards for accreditation.
The commission is currently in consultation with education stakeholders on its issue paper 15 developed with the aim of reviewing the review of education laws in PNG.