Warring Ambum tribes make peace

Highlands, Normal

MORE than 1,000 people in the Ambum valley in Enga gathered at Kundis village to witness a reconciliation ceremony last week.
The ceremony was held to bring peace and unity between three different warring tribes in the valley.
Ceremony facilitator Namba Tumu said the clan leaders in the Ambum valley had enough of fighting and have decided to start the New Year with peace and friendship.
Mr Tumu said the reconciliation ceremony would also pave the way for infrastructure development and spiritual development also in the Kompiam-Ambum district.
Money’s were exchanged between the tribal groups, 13 pigs were slaughtered along with other meat, with cartoons of can drinks, banana’s and other garden foods. 
Catholic diocese head bishop Arnold Arowai commended the initiative taken and encouraged the people to live peacefully with each other starting this year. 
The peace reconciliation ceremony was also attended by the former head bishop of the Enga Gutnius Lutheran church Dr Wiser and the former Enga provincial administrator Kundapen Palyang along with several distinguished guests and local clan leaders.