Warring tribes end hostilities with peace agreement

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The National, Tuesday July 9th, 2013


TWO warring tribes in Nebilyer, Western Highlands, have signed a peace agreement to stop fighting in the once notorious valley.

Villagers of Kulga 6 council signed a peace agreement with the Hapwara 5 people last Wednesday, ending a tribal war that had claimed 100 lives. 

The Kulga people paid a compensation of K77,000 in cash, 135 pigs, five cows, a horse, a snake, a goat and a cassowary egg to the Hapwara people when signing the peace deal.

Kulga leaders, including local level government president Tony Wek, and Hapwara leader Simon Numa and five councillors signed the deal on behalf of their people.

They said it was time to end tribal wars and live peacefully. 

Ulga chief Peter Pilamb supported the peace process by giving a pig and cash.

Law and Justice Sector director Joe Kanekane urged the people to turn to maintain peace and bring development to their area.

Pastor Amos Melpa also took the opportunity to urge the warring tribes to turn to God.