Watchdog hits shops with fine over price hike

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THIRTEEN shop owners in Lae and Ramu in Madang have been served infringement notices by Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) for increasing prices of regulated items by more than 5 per cent.
ICCC commissioner and chief officer Paulus Ain said they had breached National Emergency Order 19 which prohibited the hike in the prices of regulated items.
The shop owners have been given seven days to respond to the charges or pay a spot fine of K5,000 for each infringement notice.
Failure to do so will result in heftier penalties.
“They have their right to respond within seven days to explain why the increase was done without ICCC’s approval,” Ain said.
Some shops were served more than one notice.
They have to pay according to the number of notices they receive.
Ain told the shop managers in Lae that Order 19 was meant to protect the prices of regulated goods.
“It is very disappointing (not only in Lae but also elsewhere) to notice retail outlets not complying with Order 19,” he said.
He said the costs incurred by retailers in acquiring these goods for customers was understandable.
“But before getting a mark-up, the order says you should get an approval from the ICCC before increasing the prices (especially for regulated goods),” he said.

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  • The ICCC watchdog should come and investigate the PNG University of Technology Book Shop and two retail outlet here at Unitech Lae. they are overcharging us the students.

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