Water disconnections start in Mt Hagen to recover debt


WATER PNG in Mt Hagen has started carrying out disconnections to recover more than K2 million in outstanding debts.
This includes its own staff.
The exercise, the first of its kind, started on Friday and will reach out to residential areas and business houses.
Plumbers of Water PNG, without giving notice, went into its operators’ compound located at Rabiamul water treatment plant and disconnected supply to five officers’ houses.
Their bills were over K500.
Team leader James Thomas said yesterday the debt recovery exercise – starting with Water PNG staff – sent a clear warning to other users whose bills were over K500 to pay up immediately.
He said the management gave its officers three months to pay up their debts for water to be reconnected.
Thomas said if they didn’t pay up within the given time, the management would consider removing them from institutional houses.
“We are now cleaning our own backyard before going out so,” he said.
“Those who do not pay their bills must now pay up or we will come and disconnect the water supply.
“Nothing is free. Water PNG spent a lot of money to maintain and continue providing clean and safe water every day for people to use. They must pay their bills to help us provide the service.”
Thomas said they provided cheap water supply, charging K1.50 for every 1000 litres of water.
He said those found carrying out illegal connections would be dealt with by the law.