Water, major concern for health officers

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LACK of proper water supply to the Lealea and Papa villages in Central’s West Hiri district is a major concern for the health officers in the province.
Hiri district health coordinator, Michael Masket said yesterday that they had visited the villages and have noted that access to water supply was a problem adding that they would be talking to a catering company to supply water to the area.
“The problem has come back in a very big way. There’s a lot of people with cholera like symptoms and as we visited today (yesterday), eight people were put on drips and are recovering at the Papa care centre,” Masket said.
He clarified that only three people were referred to the CTC at PMGH out of the 60 over the weekend.
“What we are telling the community is that the Papa care centre is in full swing so they can go there to get treated.
“We now have four health workers from the Salvation Army working there,” he said.
Masket said he would hold discussions with the district cholera task force and revisit the action plan on how to tackle the problem.
He said part of the awareness would be on improving hygiene and building toilet facilities in the villages.
Lealea villagers were affected by the resurfacing of cholera following the Independence celebrations at the village’s primary school last week.
The celebrations involved mass handling and cooking of food by people carrying the cholera bacteria.
The disease had become endemic in both villages since it first broke out last May.