Water plant a breeding ground for mosquitoes

Islands, Normal

SONIA KENU DWU Journalism Student

WORK on the construction of a water and sewerage plant for Buka Hospital has been abandoned, and there are talks about where the funds have gone to.
The funds were allocated by the National Government and released early this year.
Work on the project has stopped for the past couple of months.
It is creating a health hazard for patients of the hospital.
A hole dug out near the hospital is filled with  water creating a haven for mosquitoes.
According to a concerned hospital staff who did not want to be named, the project was not advertised for open bidding but offered to a local construction company, which was not a standard procedure when conducting large scale projects.
A representative of the company did a scoping of the project but no further action was undertaken to see the project’s actual completion.
It was believed that work on the project had  been abandoned due to shortage of funds.
 The staff said the carpenters of the hospital had left their maintenance work to dig the hole for the purification plant as the first steps of construction.
Until now, the hole of the purification plant is the only part of the project which has been completed and people are wondering where the funds of the project has gone.