Water PNG going into Goroka


The Goroka water and sanitation system will come under Water PNG Ltd beginning next month.
National Planning and Monitoring Minister Richard Maru has invited relevant authorities from Eastern Highlands for discussions with his department for the formal takeover from Goroka Town Council on March 1.
The transfer follows a Cabinet decision on Jan 19.
Maru thanked Public Enterprises and State Investments Minister William Duma for facilitating this process and making it a reality.
“As Minister responsible for National Planning and Implementation, I am in charge of the Water and Sanitation, Hygiene (WaSH) Act 2016, which is tasked to facilitate funding support for water and sanitation systems, especially the rural areas throughout Papua New Guinea,” he said.
“The Government intends to showcase PNG on the world recognised Apec Summit 2018, and in its efforts to achieve this objective, several provincial towns have been earmarked to play host to several different sub-committees of the main Apec sessions in plenary discussions on issues relevant to the Apec community.
“The provincial township of Goroka, in the Eastern Highlands, is one of the earmarked provincial towns to showcase PNG.
“However, in order for the host town to be confirmed, basic infrastructure such as roads, airports, water supply, power supply, and communications must be available in a consistent and reliable level.
“The Goroka town water supply system, in its current state, is unable to supply treated water that is compliant to the World Health Organisation (WHO) drinking water guidelines, and hence, poses a serious health risk to the Apec participants, who will be participating in the Apec Summit.
“In order to address this water quality issue, an immediate third-party audit of the whole water supply system is necessary to identify remedial and immediate actions required to bring the water quality to the acceptable quality and reliability.”
Maru said K2 million would be required to get the urgent remedial works done, and a further K5 million to fix the sewerage treatment plant.
“My department will release the funds for the critical remedial works to begin,” he said.
“I invite the Goroka Town Council, Goroka district and the provincial administration to commence discussions with the Department of National Planning and Monitoring and Water PNG Ltd on how best to undertake the remedial works.
“(This is) in order to meet the Apec deadline and agree to the terms of takeover of Goroka town water supply and sanitation system by Water PNG Ltd on Mar 1.”

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