Water supply cut may last two weeks

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IT may take up to two weeks to fix the fractured water main at Erima that has forced water supply to most parts of Port Moresby city to be cut.
Eda Ranu water supervisor, Manfred Obara, said yesterday it could take up to two weeks for water supply to return to normal as workers replace the damaged section of the pipeline.
“The 1100 mm water line at Erima burst on Wednesday morning. That is why we have closed down water supply to allow for repairs to be carried out on the site.
“We will be putting out notices tomorrow to the public to advise them of the situation,” Mr Obara told The National yesterday.
He said Eda Ranu was forced to turn off its main water supply from Mt Eriama plant to the nation’s capital on Wednesday because the water main at Erima had come apart due to continuous water pressure.
Eda Ranu has taken out advertisements announcing a water rationing schedule for Sept 23-25 in parts of the city due to major repair work on the 1100mm line in Erima.
Workers yesterday removed the underground 1100mm (Y-Junction) water line from where it connects to three other pipelines to supply water to the city.
The 1100mm Y-Junction main, which is responsible for supplying water to most of the city, burst from underneath, sucking in bits of clay and pieces of gravel into the main water pipe.
Mr Obara said a temporary water line would be installed by Grem Maju, the company responsible for repair works for Eda Ranu, while it manufactured a section of pipe to replace the damaged section.
“The first water main burst in May 2006 and was replaced by Grem Maju in 2007,” Mr Obara said.
He said the reserve water tanks were full and would be used to supply water to most city residents.
“We also have a 600mm water line from Eriama plant that supplies water to reserve tanks and places such as hospitals.”
He said they would ensure that the Fire Station at Boroko, the Port Moresby General Hospital and clinics receive their daily supply of water during the shutdown period.