Watom people get K1.8m complex

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The National, Thursday 01st December 2011

PEOPLE of Watom Island in East New Bri­tain can expect improved services with the opening of a K1.8 million office complex for the local level government.
It included a state-of-the-art office complex, two staff houses, new water supply and three vehicles.
It was opened by East New Britain Governor Leo Dion and Minister for Justice and Rabaul MP Dr Allan Marat.
Marat said at Vuna­kabai that the facilities were a leap forward for the people and the Rabaul district.
He said the projects were established under a K4 million funding from the national go­vernment and distribu­ted among the four LLGs in the district.
Marat also urged people to embrace development and participate meaningfully in economic activities.
Dion thanked Ma­rat and his district admi­nistration for the signi­ficant and consistent progress the district was making in building up LLG capacity, particularly in Watom and Kombiu LLGs.
He also commended the district for advancing the implementation of the Kurakakaul Growth Centre.