Watut, Biangai leaders keen to resolve issues

Lae News, Normal

LEADERS of Watut and Biangai in Wau are keen to resolve their long-standing feud.
They want a genealogical research carried out to establish ownership of the McAdam National Park and Wau township.
The leaders, along with the Morobe provincial government, had signed a truce in May after violent and fatal fighting that began in March.
Morobe Governor Luther Wenge, Bulolo MP Sam Basil, and the provincial law and order chairman Benson Suwang had said that a task force comprising anthropologists, historians and land specialists would be engaged to carry out independent genealogical and migrational research of the tribes.
“Based on the findings, fair and honest decision willbe made to verify the status and ownership of the Wau township and the McAdams National Park to ensure lasting peace, harmony and justice to prevail,” Mr Wenge had indicated.
He said eight representatives from each tribe would be appointed to work with the Government’s peace negotiation team.
A Biangai leader said at the weekend that nothing had since come of it.
“Our patience and expectations had gone past six months and there is no sign of the governments’ task force team to work together to restore peace, justice and unity among us.”
Frustration is mounting from both sides which requires additional police strength to monitor the situation from time to time; and because of the delay, “disturbances can easily sprout at anytime,” he said.
The provincial executive committee, the Sam Sewec meeting No 14/09, decision 43/09, endorsed last July 7,  resolved the administration to engage historians, anthropologists and land specialists.
The Sam Sewec was to approve terms of reference (ToR) and would direct the administrator to make contact with the specialists.
The administrator was also directed to make enquiries with appropriate technical people to find out their cost and submit to the PEC for approval.
The provincial administration has allocated K200,000 in this year’s provincial budget appropriation to commence the work.