Wau, Bulolo need more social services as population increases


POPULATION growth in Wau and Bulolo towns in Morobe demands increased social services, says urban mayor Sogga Gaumina.
He met with Morobe deputy-governor Waka Daimon in Bulolo last Friday and discussed the growing demand for social services.
They also discussed making State land available to settle people to avoid illegal land-grabbing.
Daimon and Gaumina agreed to set in place a town expansion plan based on current human demands in six Wau wards and eight Bulolo wards.
Gaumina said Bulolo could not function without the input of PNG Forest Products (PNGFP), National Forest Authority (NFA) and other stakeholders.
Daimon and Gaumina will meet with PNGFP and NFA executives on Nov 22 to discuss and identify land lease areas owned by them and the State.
It was noted that land in Wau was all State-leased while Bulolo had 700 allotments.
Daimon said PNGFP would be urged to divert tax credits into Bulolo rather than Waigani.
Gaumina and Daimon also agreed to clarify with Mineral Resource Authority (MRA) over the gold tax credit from Bulolo.