We’ll get them: PM

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ONE person has been arrested in connection with the Bomana jail escape and the getaway vehicle recovered.
And Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare assured the nation yesterday that the Government had armed its law enforcement agencies with the necessary resources to recapture Papua New Guinea’s most dangerous criminals who escaped from Bomana jail’s maximum security unit on Monday.
Sir Michael, who held a press conference yesterday to announce the cancellation of US secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s visit to PNG, was bombarded with questions on what the Government was doing to recapture these criminals.
At the same time, police arrested its first suspect in the breakout and recovered the getaway vehicle.
Sir Michael told journalists that “certain recommendations were made by the National Security Council and we are waiting for the result to come out”.
The National Security Council announced earlier that it had given K2 million to the police to recapture all escapees from Papua New Guina jails, who number more than 200.
He also said the Correctional Services management “is not in control”.
Sir Michael said he had been briefed that the escapees would be recaptured.
“The Foreign Minister and I are concerned,” he said, adding that the police were in control of the situation and that no stones would be left unturned until the criminals were back behind bars.
“I am proud that the community is contributing positively to the police operation. The community is ringing in to report of any information, that is really good,” he said.
Sir Michael, who does not normally comment on jail breaks, said the National Security Council met on Wednesday and resolved to fund the recapture of the criminals.
“We know that the escapees are still in town.”
He said the Government expected a report on the jail break from the National Security Council to be completed within a month and presented to the National Executive Council.