We all make mistakes

Letters, Normal

The National- Wednesday, January 26, 2011

 I REPLY to the letter, “Gumine Team not doing the right thing” by Dom Erayal (The National, Jan 24).

I would like bring to Dom Erayal’s attention that no one under the sun is perfect except for the Lord. 

We are all bound to make mistakes and that is the human nature. A bible text was quoted that whoever does not sin may cast the first stone. 

If there is an allegation against the Gumine Team then we will not cover up and say the allegation is not right. 

The allegations are in-house matters that can easily and properly be investigated through the district administration, Office of Rural Development (ORD) and other appropriate authorities using proper channel of communication rather then you going too public in 

the media.

The Gumine team is solid team comprised of leaders from all corners of Gumine, Dom, Yuri, Era, Kia, Golin and Mian. 

We are leaders and we accept your criticisms, not allegations which are not supported with material facts made in public domain without substance under pen-names.

However, the letter itself is an allegation and too personal against the Gumine MP and Minister for Lands and Physical Planning Lucas Dekena and Robert Bartho.

Dom Erayal, be noted that 2012 elections year is around the corner, please be man enough to come home and make your intentions known to challenge Team Gumine, instead of crying fool out in the wilderness.



Golin Erayal