We are not made for rugby

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 11th, 2012

UNLESS people change their attitude and stop the way they think, nothing good will be achieved, no matter how much money, time and efforts are spent on them.
The recent fights bet-ween two rugby teams in Lae are a case in point.
The attitude and the behaviour of the players, coaches and supporters have definitely killed the game.
I do not think any family would want to spend time at Lloyd Robson Oval to watch rugby games be­cause of the fear of being killed in an open playing paddock in broad daylight.
I conclude that we are not fit to play this game because our players lack self-respect, discipline and control.
Our ability to understand the rules of this game is limited to some extent.
As a result, we are un­able to match up with the international standards that are being played by Australia, New Zealand and England.
It would be in the best interest of other sports to abolish the rugby league in this country and divert the money to develop other sporting infrastructure.

James Hau
Port Moresby