We are not relying on consultants: Iamo

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DEPARTMENT of Environment and Conservation secretary Dr Wari Iamo has brushed aside critics alleging that the department was relying on consultants for various projects.
Responding to two separate letters by two corridor consultants in newspapers last week, Dr Iamo said there were specific tasks and advices needed for specific areas from specialists consultants.
“To put on record, two consultants namely Dr Catherine Modds and Andrew Taplin were formally engaged as strategic advisers to the department with their terms of references and their scope of work defined,” Dr Iamo said.
He said they had been working with the Australian department of environment of conservation for a long time and had a proven tack record of environment management. 
Dr Iamo said any consultants engaged were formally advertised, properly screened and selected on merit and nothing was done behind closed doors as alluded to.
Making particular reference to the question on financial capacity, he said the duo’s engagement was funded by AusAID under the Australian support facility.
He said: “There is nothing sinister about engaging consultants.
“The world is changing and we need up-to-date data and advice to make good decisions to cope up with the change in the environment sector.”
Dr Iamo, who is also the acting executive director for the Office of Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability, said people must back up their criticisms with facts, not assumptions.