We changed the nation, says O’Neill

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FORMER Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, pictured, has defended the record of the government he led up to May, saying “we changed the nation by building infrastructure needed”.
He also condemned plans by the current government to cut back on expenditure in the Supplementary Budget to be tabled by Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey on Thursday.
“Ian Ling-Stuckey condemns the eight years of economic management under myself, James Marape as Finance Minister and Patrick Pruaitch as Treasurer,” O’Neill said.
“This is just political opportunism from the treasurer and is causing a great deal of internal conflict in Cabinet.
“No one can deny that we changed the nation by building the infrastructure our country badly needed.
“Cabinet with James and Patrick saw a rise in debt. But you just have to look around and ask if we advanced the country.
“Did we build the infrastructure that Port Moresby needed – roads, bridges, the flyovers and port facilities? Yes we did.
“Around the country, did we build new hospitals and care centres? Did we build teacher training colleges? Did we build new air strips? Yes we did.”
He said the supplementary budget “appears to be a turn-out-the-lights budget”.
“This ridiculous cost-cutting for the sake of politics will bring our country to its knees and hurt our people who are in the most challenging circumstances,” he said.
He said Ling-Stuckey had claimed that under his management of the economy there would be no more debt.
“But Prime Minister (Marape) overruled him and said debt would be consolidated in Australia and China,” O’Neill said.


  • Former PM did it.. whatever mentioned agreed..
    Even though he failed, he is out standing PM compared with past PM. I can say Peter O’Neill is best.

    I hope PMJM will do more as he continues.. after 2022.

  • Well evidences speak for themselves.. the physical changes, the figures, and what ends up in the trolleys when shopping…Let us be glad that every PM has contributed something and now it is PMJM time… My heart tells me he is not the right leader but my friends say he is the man. PO is the greatest PM of all.. Jealousy caused his downfall, I think….

  • Peter O’Neill is a great PM.I would like to support the O’Neill post and said O’Neill did very well were other PM back then are not come to match and even today our good PM James Marape will find difficult to reach the level were O’Neill left as legacy .If you think that Marape will deliver then let him action it rather then talking a lot on medias.

    I love to see O’Neil come back to power…

  • Former PM Mr. Peter O’Neil under his leadership has done more infrastructure development. Despite many negativity against PO, my heart is with him.

  • It’s almost a year now since current government took office, what this current government has done since took the high office of this country? Are we only talking or doing something? We already heard and seen what O’Neil had done during his term and every body seen and aware of this but can you current government tell what you have done so far to the people of this beautiful nation please?

  • Still O’Neil is the best PM ever after all PMs and played at highest level that no one will ever match.
    There is no question and doubt and we have seen lots of development across Papua New Guinea.
    O’Neill’s government was the really mandated by people and no doubt that he will return

  • Former PM PO is the great leader of all. His great plans to really develop PNG has been cut-short by greed,jealous & politically undeveloped group.

    For a developing nation like PNG to develop needs to benchmark on 3 great economic platforms; Short Term Plans, Mid Term Plans & Long Term Plans. PO achieved STP to greater extent and….to achieve MTP & LTP there have to be challenges in finance, resource, knowledge, etc. In the midst of those hardships…& eventually after years we should achieve the LONG TERM GOALS – a developed nation to some extent! You see POM is already developed, Lae, Mt HGN, Wabag, etc have changed over very short period of time.

    Furthermore, a developing nation needs LOAN to develop both economically and politically. This is captured within the STP,MTP, & LTP!

  • PO is still the best.
    Talking about economy it defines as the state of production,distribution and consumption of goods. Those who use economy as a tool to track down O’Neil are cowards. Nothing is wrong with that, if you cannot manage your little resources then please don’t be so smart on social medias. By the I want to see PO back in Power.

  • Former Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has done a tremendous infrastructure development,free health and education that everyone around PNG had seen and really appreciated.. No leader in this world can meet everyone’s need and wants or individuals expectations. Exercising of leadership duties is challenging and difficult.
    Let us respect and thank Peter O’Neill for many great changes in this country.
    May God Almighty continue to bless.

  • just yesterday we where singing praise to PO as the answer to our prays now we are condemning him let us take back PNG starting with ourselves as human we all have our weakness

  • What PO has done so far is really benefiting the people for this country in terms of education and health services delivery. The services he provide meets the needs of every citizens in the country.

    As a product of PO i think he should be back on power..

  • James Marape became Prime Minister just this year 2019. How can we expect much development in months period. Only time will tell. O’neill tremendously changed the outlook of this nation, and it definitely took some years. Lets see what Marape can do in his office term.

  • Everybody has their own opinion about every person that took PM office regarding their performance. For myself I have lots of evidence to prove that PO is still the best PM so far. I have benefited much form his policies mainly free education. Now I see that most of the people will benefit from me I’m ready to contribute to the development of the beautiful country.

  • I agree with most commentators here because most developing countries should get loan to develop to certain standard when the timing is right and that is exactly what PO and his then cabinet ministers did. PMJM and the team should let PO run the show until 2022 and then the timing would be right to criticize PO and throw him out. otherwise, stop the blame game and start deliver because the 8mill people of PNG are watching.

  • I salute MP Peter Oneil as the greastest PMs of all,WHEN you are telling yourselves as the servant of this beautiful country PNG you need to do someting not talking.

  • Former PM PO, I AGREED.
    It is very clear and png have HAD withnessed PNC’S achievements AND its vibrent policies especially liberal, education and helath policies and no will deny that… we appriciate your effects and time to buld tremendous infrustures andimplent very sensitive policies that aiming to bring more middle class by inceasing empolyment opportunities and try to REDUCE POVERY in this fanstastically corruped nation and resouces rich nation but now we realized that the changes in the government was total destuction of this brilient policies.
    Meanwhile, we (PNGans) are expecting James Marape and his term to provide departmential reviews at the end of the year 2019 to show the nation about what this government have acheived so far. Because our aim is to acheive 2050 vision and according to 2050 plan . Every emerging nations including PNG are told to provide review every after 10 years and by the end of this year we should be able to provide prepared review while country’s activities are focusingly based on 2050 vision.

  • FORMER PM is always right you statement doing all that we needed
    but looking at the infrastructure development,
    it seem only in POM your gvmt focus for infrastructure and not all province
    indeed. Only Highlands province and all major cities but not Minor Cities and towns
    especially the MOMASE and NGI region.

    Please looking at ENBP, MANUS, AROB – BUKA and others, infrastructure – road was there main issue.
    That is why, ” RICH be getting rich all the time and POOR be getting poor all the time”.

    But you still but yet see PM James Marape.

  • I 100% agreed with the feedback above, PO is one of the greatest leader that I have seen and witnessed for last couple of years. you talking about infrastructure, he has contributed much to change the face our major towns and cities by building good road network and I don’t think he has let us down and we should be proud of that. I more than agree to see him coming back to power as a PM.

  • Leadership is about implementing strategic plans and effectively carrying out the planned task, perhaps Hon peter oneil did.He displayed the true qualities,though the criticism on him was going viral but he managed to take risks and do what is best for the country. I salute you Oneil,you have done well during your term.

  • Former PM PO is right to say he did tremendous efforts for the infrastructure development of this beautiful & resource-rich nation is undeniable. It’s all out for you, now appreciated by everyone. He did for the beautiful people of PNG as the testament of his tenure as our chief captain. Peter O’Neil, you are well commended for the benchmark set. Now, lets see if the current regime can make it.

  • The ONLY PM to have really changed PNG is PO. No other PM have and will ever have. PNG will really see change if PO comes back in power. PO is the most confident and matured PM of PNG.

  • PO is a smart Leader who has a vision for the future of this great nation. His visions are similar to that of Lee Kon Yu of Singapore who transformed his country from noting to one of the Investment destination by all countries and large corporate economies today. If PO was to continue as PM for next ten years he would transform this country to a all new level. Great Leaders take the risk to invest in a country to see the benefit in the next twenty to fifty year. Well done PO you have indeed transformed this nation in a short period. I have no doubt you will return in 2022 and Lead this great nation again.

  • All Papua New Guineans knows very well about the past O’Neil Government of the service’s and infrastructure’s they have delivered in this country. O’Neil was a better PM than the past PM’s and he’s a born God chosen leader, We Papua New Guinean’s are good at spoiling someone who’s doing better things, sit back spread false rumours, spoil his name and now after O’Neil Government was over thrown by JM the public media or the so called Face Book is so silent, No more uploads and no more comments on view point column. But O’Neil is pull filling the prophecy and will return to power’s after 2022 election.

  • 100% agreed with your statement about the infrastructure development in the country. I physically seen and witness what the previous PM has contributed towards the development of this nation. I have seen huge changes in our major cities like POM, Lae and Mt Hagen. I am more than happy to see you coming back to power as PM.

  • Let us forget about critising people about their mistakes because nobody on this planet is perfect..we all make mistakes..Appreciate what PO has done although so many negative comments about him..well done PO! see you in 2022 election.

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