We deserve free health, education

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 08th Febuary 2012

I REFER to the letter by “Eagle Eyes” of Port Moresby.
The writer probably has a well-paid job and is able to pay his/her children’s school fees.
But for the majority of us, free education and health service have lifted a huge burden off our shoulders.
The O’Neill-Namah regime is addressing basic and fundamental issues faced by the people.
Free education and health service are for the “do not haves” and this is one way to address poverty.
What more can the ordinary people ask for?
By addressing these two fundamental issues, the government has embarked on a mission to educate the people and possibly re­duce mortality rate.
But most of all, it will give parents extra money in their pockets to address other issues that affect the quality of their children’s education and health.
The extra money will enable parents to pay for project fees and transport; and buy books, food, school uniform, etc.
Free education will greatly help those with two or three children whether in community, high or vocational schools.
For sure everyone is aware of the election.
But we are also aware of what the O’Neill-led regime has done during the short time in office.

Apisai J
Via email