We do not need diplomats who bring shame

Letters, Normal

IN today’s world politics, diplomats play a very crucial role.
They are the first contact points for establishing and maintaining bilateral and multilateral relations between and among countries.
Their public and private conduct must reflect the best interest of the country they represent as well as respecting the host countries.
The diplomats are there at the international scene to ensure that our foreign policy is translated well so that our national interest can be understood well by the host countries.
PNG has produced some career diplomats who have served our country well.
The diplomatic skills of these good ambassadors and high commissioners paved way for continual socio-economic investments by governments and private investors in our country.
Many of these investments foster State-society relationship in PNG. 
Our Government must continue to fund and expand our bilateral and multilateral networks at the international level.
PNG needs disciplined and mature diplomats to uphold our national interest both in their public and private conducts.
We need diplomats who will capture the attention of the host countries to foster a positive image and not the kind of image portrayed by our diplomats in the Solomon Islands as reported by our dailies.

Bomai Witne