We don’t need lip service, Rambi

Letters, Normal

THE Mul-Baiyer-Lumusa electorate is one of the least developed areas in Western Highlands and is ravaged by a tribal warfare.
Successive MPs have neglected the electorate.
We read about the government allocating millions of kina to each MP but as far as we know, there has been no progress or development in the electorate.
MP Sani Rambi is good at giving lip service.
He must come home and live up to his election promises.
When is he going to build the police station he promised for Baiyer?
When will PNG Power pull the power lines from Minjikina to Bukapena as Mr Rambi promised?
Where is the money allocated for the Mul district market?
When will the Balk-Nengil road be sealed?

Joe W
Mt Hagen