We have many brave pilots

Letters, Normal

IT has been raining heavily since the night before.
Here I am with my husband and our 17-month-old baby, walking to the airport, with two relatives helping with our luggage.
We quickened to get under the shelter of the terminal.
The weather was so gloomy with thick clouds and I was certain our plane would not make it.
After checking-in, we waited and I remembered praying: Lord, give us sunshine.
A quarter of an hour to our departure, I saw a Twin Otter landed safely.
What a relief and the next plane, a Dash 8, also landed safely.
I remembered thanking the Lord for these brave pilots flying to remote areas to serve the people.
I would like to thank the pilot who flew that Twin Otter to Daru, Balimo and Kikori on Jan 7, for I boarded my flight with peace and flew home to Port Moresby right after he left.


Mercy H
Via email