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OPPOSITION Leader Belden Namah has dismissed claims that some MPs have left his camp to re-join the Government side they abandoned last week.
“Let them say what they want to say and believe what they want to believe,” he said from his electorate at Vanimo, West Sepik, yesterday where his faction is camping.
The 50 MPs already there welcomed the arrival yesterday of four more including New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan, Madang Governor Peter Yama, East New Britain Governor Nakikus Konga and Wewak MP Kevin Isufu.
Namah said they expected four more MPs to arrive by the weekend, taking the total number in his side to 58. The 58 including 11 Cabinet Ministers and others who had crossed the floor from the Government side last Friday.
They passed a motion to adjourn Parliament to Dec 1 when they plan to move a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister James Marape. A group of 43 left last weekend to set up camp in Vanimo.
More had since arrived. Namah said no one had left the Opposition camp to return to Port Moresby.
Ialibu-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill yesterday filed a case asking the Supreme Court to declare the sitting of Parliament on Tuesday this week as unconstitutional.
He also asked the court to determine the legality of the passing of the 2021 national budget at that meeting.


  • Dear Ombudsman Commission, can the Parliamentarians salaries be deducted for such conduct camping out and literally doing nothing for their electorates. Simply abuse of their roles as representative elected leaders.

  • Why can’t these MPs go to each of their electorates and seek the views of the people who have elected and mandated them on which side they should join rather than camping in Vanimo?

  • Lufa MP your voters need you to come amd fix pur roads, improve our health facilities and more. You seems to raunraun yoyo tumas

  • Eastern Highlands BRIEF CASE CARRIER MP.s are always following the tide. Then don’t have a standing like our Strong, Young & Vibrant Governor, Hon. Peter Numu. Look @ Lufa mp kavori, he is making a name for himself. Yupla hangere or yupla laikim vonem? There’s no time to play politics. Yu guys are bunds of lonlons. What are shame!

  • You may have the numbers but what can you do when you have the same people in cabinet. Same old ideas with no new developmental changes. Funny isn’t it? Looks like this practice of VoNC will continue in the next parliament. After 18 months someone will raise the issue and those other confused members will support it and follow him to some place. It is time the GG take action . If it means to dissolve parliament then let it be. What PNG needs is a stable parliament with strong minded, hard working members.

  • Political treats continued to suppress the immense development of this country ever since the inception of few minority into power having high concept of political unrest nothing but just to back their personal gain and interest. Suggest the Government of PMJM need to see through and introduce tougher masses/laws to address the root causes of increasing political instability leading to the risk of this nations development as a whole.

  • Nama what will you or Oneil or Basil or Sir J or who ever you are tipping to be the prime minister do in this year and half. Just sent everybody back to their electorates. Let Marape and his team who have PNG’s interest to continue until 2022. You don’t have anything to offer. Pasim maus na stap isi.

  • 2022 election rausim olgeta yoyo husat no bringim development lo ol electorate olgeta focus blo ol m lo cling lo Power na kisim bikname tasol.

  • bunch of corrupt yoyo’s majority of PNGs in the rural areas are suffering from many factors of development issues due to high corrupt leadership in the Parliament of this country, the Papua New Guineans are watching and the World is also watching

  • These MPs ,Bleden Nama,,Sir Julius Shan ant etc… you guys have bad names in this country Papua new Guinea..please don’t lead the other blind MP to join you.You know what you have done to bougainvillea ,,,yes and now you are trying to face porgera but the man is man which great God created to rule this country in peace, harmony, honesty,,and not to still money, kill people’s, like sir Julius Shan and belsen nama did,, please let Mangi hela stap ,,

  • Good person pretending to be a bad person.
    And bad person pretending to be a Good person. But as are leader how can people trust you? Both Government and Opposition.

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