We lost a rare species of great men


SIR Mekere Morauta is among a rare species of great men.
It would take more than a hundred years for Papua New Guinea to have a leader such as Sir Mekere.
Sir Mekere had a special ability and wisdom that builds people who worked with him.
He did not only try to fix things but encouraged people to improve on their failures.
Sir Mekere was indeed a reformist because he reforms people with the way he leads and counsels.
He loved everyone and brings himself down to people’s levels.
He’s a man who always tries to do things by the law.
He told me: Pedro, if you see things not working the way you want them, don’t break the law.
You bend the laws to make way.
He said you can’t mend the law when you break it, but you can fix it when you bend it.
That is one of the things he taught me and I don’t think it will leave me. I campaigned for Sir Mekere during the 2017 general election and was appointed Moresby North West development authority chief executive officer when Sir Mekere won.
I left in 2019.

Pedro Oroa
Former DDA CEO
Moresby North West

One thought on “We lost a rare species of great men

  • Pedro, I can recall when I was then First Secretary to Powes Parkop; and you were with Sir Mek. He is a great leader! I cannot agree more on your sentiments.

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