We must change our mindsets


HUMAN beings are thought to be the most unique and intelligent of all creation.
What makes humans so unique is that we are intelligent beings that possess all five senses which enables us to differentiate between right and wrong and make wise decisions. If you are reading this, firstly, consider yourself lucky because you were somehow chosen among the billions to exist on the face of this earth.
Secondly, you should congratulate yourself for still breathing.
You should be proud of yourself because you have only one life.
Every day is a miracle and it is through God’s grace that our existence is possible.
Think of the many sins that we have committed and the world is committing? God’s grace is sustaining us despite all of our inequities.
Can you find another John or Mary in this world?
Yes, you can find many with the same name as you but remember, they are not the same as you.
We all believe that God created each one of us fearfully and wonderfully in his own image and likeness, therefore, we are Creator’s own masterpiece.
Now, the big question I want to ask here is this: if we perceive humans to be uniquely clever and bound to make the right choices using the five God-given senses at all times under any circumstances, then why do we, pick up a bush knife, slash and kill fellow human beings or gun them down?
Why are we burning down houses and destroying properties?
Why are we raping our mothers, daughters and sisters and molesting our children?
Are we thinking right?
Are we using our five senses?
Is our mind sound?
Can we call ourselves human beings created fearfully and wonderfully in God’s own image and likeness?
Why are we not allowing our people to vote freely and peacefully?
Why are we giving money to people to vote for us?
Is this what a human being who wants to become a leader should do?
When people are not using all their five senses correctly and fully, they are said to be “senseless”.
When we spit betel nut onto the pavement or out of the window of a moving vehicle or building, throwing rubbish into the wrong place, disturbing our neighbour with loud music, swearing in public, bad-mouthing our parents etc, are we using our five senses correctly?
It is shameful to call ourselves human beings with our inhuman ways.
I see where the problem is – our mindset.
We cannot distinguish between right and wrong because our minds have not been properly educated.
The environment and setting that we come from also plays a huge role in influencing our way of thinking.
However, logical thinking and living in peace and harmony with fellow human beings and our surrounding is common sense.
We are living in the 21st Century and in a civilised world but our mindset is still uncivilised.
If the head does not function properly, it affects the whole body, as well as the senses, and there is lack of judgement.
The majority of our youth are big marijuana smokers and it has already affected their brains which adversely affects their senses for sound judgement.
The Bible talks a lot about the importance of our thoughts.
Wise people remind us to be careful with our thoughts because they become our words, words become our actions, actions become our behaviour, behaviours become our attitudes, attitudes become our character, character become our personality and personality become our values as human beings.
Moral decay in our beautiful Christian nation is getting out of hand.
Many conscious and right-thinking Papua New Guineans are becoming more aware of the problems we face as a nation and are now trying to get to the root cause.
And the solution suggested by many points to change in mindset so that individuals can make ethical and moral decisions based on Christian principles.
The message for mindset change needs more awareness.
Educated Papua New Guineans have a crucial role to educate people in their own area: from the family to the community and district.
Ward councillors should be at the forefront in getting the message across.
Teachers in schools are in a better position to instil moral and ethical disciplines into their students.
Everyday I see very powerful motivational and inspirational letters by our frequent contributors like Glen Burua and others which can have an instant impact in changing people’s mindset for the better.
I treasure newspapers more than the other communication outlets because what is contained in the newspapers are reliable, detailed and well presented.
However, the setback is that these life-changing messages cannot reach the masses.
People simply do not read the newspapers to digest information.
The few readers who have access to newspapers do not share what they read or have digested.
What is the point of learning something new and not being able to share with others?
We are simply not making a difference but becoming a liability to the State when we keep what we know to ourselves.
Information is power and sharing it is a powerful tool for mindset transformation.
Mindset deficiency or attitude problem is letting PNG down big time.
If we continue to allow ourselves to be trapped in an attitude problem, I presume it might take us 100 or 200 years to catch up with countries like Australia, New Zealand, Britain and other developed nations.
I want to make a special appeal to whoever is elected prime minister and all our Parliamentarians to take holistic intervention to change the mindset of our citizens.
As leaders, they should lead by example.
The Government, through the Education Department, must make religious education a core subject for all schools and it must be assessed in examinations.

Tony Palme Kip

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