We need a changed mindset


WE Papua New Guineans need to change the way we think.
We cannot blame the Government for everything that is wrong with society.
The need to maintain peace and order in society starts with individuals.
That is why the way we teach our young ones is very important.
We have influenced our children to believe that addressing the chaos in society is the Government’s responsibility.
We underestimate our personal abilities to inspire change and create better communities.
We accept people urinating in public without screaming at them and telling them to do the right thing.
We allow people to consume alcohol and consume marijuana in front of our houses without doing anything about it.
When one stands to address such issues, he/she gets no support from the neighbours and onlookers.
We all possess the ability to things the right way but I believe we are just being ignorant.
What’s important is that we have the ability to distinguish right from wrong.


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