We need better leaders


I READ an article in The National on Wednesday by a leader from Ahi local level government in Lae, Morobe, who claimed bribery has started in the lead up to next year’s elections, which prompted me to write in support.
The phrase ‘intending candidate’ refers to sitting MPs as well as those who wish to challenge them in the election.
It is good for any intending candidate to start doing their awareness campaigns, but they are not allowed to dish out money and goods and cutting ribbons for ghost projects and handing out cash and store goods in order to buy people’s support.
Corruption only produces bad leaderships and we should put a stop to it.
Our people should understand that any election campaigns begins when the election writs are issued and signed by the governor-general and not before.
Some of our current politicians are partly to blame for some of the early election corrupt campaign practices that have already started.
We see many current MPs pumping millions of provincial and district funds leading up to next year’s general elections to win their seats back.
What have they been doing in the last four years?
We need to start praying for God-fearing leaders.

Samson C Napo,
Former Bulolo MP