We need leaders for new era

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 10th July, 2012

I SALUTE the founders and architects of this great nation.
Sir Michael Somare took us out of foreign hands without bloodshed.
We thank him and the first opposition leader, Sir Tei Abal.
Others include Sir Rabbie Namaliu, Sir Julius Chan, John Momis, Sir John Kaputin, Anton Parao and Paul Torato as well as those who have left us like the late Sir Silas Atupate, Sir Iambakey Okuk, Sir John Guise, Sir Albert Kipalan and Sir Buri Kidu.
We now need young and innovative leaders to take the country to the next era.
With due respect, returning “old dogs” must help to form a vibrant government for a better PNG.

Joe Wasia