We need leaders who can deliver

Letters, Normal

MANY of us lack the fundamental understanding of what a leader is.
Many perceive that those who stand in elections and win is someone who will bring services to people.
Yes, that is partly true.
But look at the candidates.
Do they have a vision?
Do they have goals/objectives to achieve?
Or are they contesting because that is the only way for them to satisfy their desire and fulfil their dreams of becoming rich.
I believe the final point is the main reason why people are standing in elections.
That is why there is hardly any development taking place and why infrastructure built during the colonial days are falling apart.
Look at Lae city, the second largest city in PNG.
If NCD Governor Powes Parkop can improve Port Moresby with the funds from the National Government, why can’t Morobe Governor Luther Wenge improve Lae city?
This not only applies to Mr Wenge, but other governors and elected MPs.
I think the bulk of the elected MPs are living in dream land.
The laws of this country are like yo-yos because they are being manipulated and passed to suit the MPs’ whims and fancies.
True justice is missing and it is embarrassing to be told by foreigners “your leader has committed a crime but why is he not facing justice?”
The law has to be tightened so there is zero tolerance on crime committed by leaders. 
It is becoming a norm where elected MPs become rich at the people’s expense.
Many of our people are dying everyday without seeing development or services reaching them. 

Usa Papua
Port Moresby