We need reporters like Hriehwazi, says Sir Paulias

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The National, Tuesday 10th January 2012

GRAND Chief Sir Paulias Matane has expressed sympathy on the death of one of the country’s senior and outstanding journalists in Yehiura Hriehwazi.
Sir Paulias said he was shocked to hear about Hriehwazi’s death, describing him as one of the best and bravest reporters in the media.
“I was shocked yesterday when I read in the papers about his death.
“He is the kind of reporter we need in PNG.”
Sir Paulias conveyed his condolences to Hriehwazi’s family and relatives on behalf of his family, saying he honoured Hriehwazi’s great work as an outstanding journalist and business editor with The National newspaper.
He urged people to be mindful of their health, saying it was important for people to live and promote a healthy lifestyle to live longer and enjoy a blessed life.
Hriehwazi died from a heart attack at the Port Moresby General Hospital at 1.30am on Sunday.