We need services, not lip service

Letters, Normal

The National

IT is a shame that the once independent public service has been crippled by rampant corruption.
Officers today spend 20% of their time doing something useful while 80% is wasted.
They prefer to while away their time in pokies or at entertainment and beer outlets.
How can PNG develop if our officers have such poor attitude?
Is it any wonder that Government services are lacking everywhere in the country?
Firstly, I am seeing a lot of school age children and youths roaming the streets of Mt Hagen.
They should be in schools or working on their land in the villages.
Instead, they come up with some weird plans to steal, to open doors of parked vehicles or snatch bags.
The policing aspect of service delivery has come to a halt too.
Once complaints are received by police, the obvious response is to send vehicles out.
But we get replies like “Sorry, no fuel is available” or “Sorry, we have no vehicles, so we cannot attend”.
Recently, I called the police and was told they had no fuel for their vehicle.
When asked how much they need to respond if the location is remote, I was told K300 for fuel and K400 for lunch.
So I have to fork out K700 for five policemen if the crime scene is remote.
I wonder what a poor person with no money will do if rascals attack him or his family members.
Justice will never be done and the criminals will escape and roam free in the community which should not happen.
The other problems are our roads in the rural settings have deteriorated, health system almost non-existent and school infrastructure have gone from bad to worse.
Schools are rundown and need urgent repair and maintenance.
In some rural schools, classes are held under trees or in makeshift shelters using canvas or bush materials.
How long do we want such situations to continue?
Although the Somare-Temu Government has been in power uninterrupted for seven years, it has not done anything to improve delivery of basic services.
It seems the Government has run out of ideas or coming up with poor proposals.
The recent proposal by Peter O’Neill to have district authorities in charge should not be entertained.
We do not need the same leaders to do things.
I would prefer the LLG leaders to take charge.
We cannot afford to make the same mistake by allowing national level politicians to be part of the provincial government or LLGs.
We cannot mix them together.


Mt Hagen