We need sustainable services, O’Neill

Letters, Normal

The National


I REFER to Ialibu-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill’s response “Developments in Ialibu-Pangia” (The National,  Aug 13) to my letter.
While I appreciate the delivery of basic services in the electorate, they are not sustainable.
We want and need roads and bridges that will last, not on a temporary basis.
The people of your electorate value roads as it is their link to the outside world. What we have now are pigs’ track.
He is engaging unqualified local firms to upgrade and maintain roads, to build classrooms and hospitals, to refurbish old buildings, etc.
Unfortunately, none of them are doing a good job.
What is Mr O’Neill’s long-term strategic and development plan?
Our children need quality education.
If you are building classrooms, then equip them with teachers, textbooks and computers.
Drug supplies must reach our hospitals on time and be readily available.
Develop our rural clinics and recruit more workers.
Our youths must be involved in sports, carrying out awareness campaigns on sexual abuse, domestic violence, crime, drug, HIV/AIDS, Christian teachings and living and global warming among others.
It is childish for him to challenge me to contest the 2012 polls.
I guess he is guilty because as a leader, he has failed our people miserably.
Instead of challenging me, he should think of the long-term good for our people so that he can win 51% of the vote the next time out.