We need to read


I WATCHED a YouTube interview of the British author Jeffery Archer sometime back.
He stated that in India, about 30 to 40 people read a copy of his books, and in the United States and England, about three to four people read a copy.
Papua New Guinea lacks a reading culture.
I have rarely seen the same book being read and circulated among readers these days.
You can’t find this in our towns, cities and villages.
The habit of reading has declined over the years.
This is not a good trend.
It is a sad situation for a developing country to have a lot of grade 10 and grade 12 school leavers who are unable to read and write good English.
People miss out a lot when they do not read.
When one reads, both fiction and non-fiction, they not only immerse themselves in the stories and the characters in the books, but they learn a lot of new things.
Reading has a lot to offer to the readers.
When one reads, he does not only roll his eyes along the pages or flips the pages to reach the end.
He learns and absorbs the information.
Through reading, you will be able to learn how to start a business, how to improve your customer service, how to write a book or even how to fix your tyre.
There are many great books out there that hold gems of knowledge in personal finance, technology and about many other subjects for one to learn.
The accessibility of these books is made much easier with the advent of technology, particularly with the invention of the internet.
One can access books from all over the world anytime and anywhere.
These books have been well edited by professional editors.
For students, whatever you learn inside the classrooms is limited to the textbook you are using and the knowledge of the teacher.
To broaden your understanding and knowledge on a particular concept, grab a book and read and let it teach you.
Stop spending too much time on social media.
For many students, your parents have never once stepped their feet inside a classroom.
They dreamt to be in our place but couldn’t make it.
Seeing you getting in there might be their only dream for you.
You don’t know how much value they place on you.
You might be the only hope for the future of your siblings or your tribe.
Don’t limit the ability of your potential to achieve greatness.
You might be the next prime minister, chief justice or a managing director.
Grab a reading book now, invest your time in reading and make it your priority to teach yourself to learn.
Time spent in reading is time invested for the good of others as well.
Grab a book and let it ignite the fire of reading in you.
I believe you will learn a lot of new words in a novel too.
Perhaps, you might as well be challenged to pen down the next bestseller after reading a book. It is not too late to start reading now.
I believe one book can revive the reading culture that has been lost for years.
One article and one book can improve literacy in PNG.
Make reading your ally to conquer the world.

Richard Napam