We need water badly, Parkop

Letters, Normal

WE are frustrated that NCD Governor Powes Parkop has neglected the settlements and villages’ most urgent and basic need – water.  
Governor, everyday we see thousands of litres of precious water being wasted at water fountains at 5-Mile and Gerehu while people in the settlements and villages are dying for a cup of clean water. 
When is Parkop going to bring water to places like 8-Mile, 9-Mile, ATS, Bomana, 6-Mile, Sabama, Pari, Hanuabada, Tatana and other places?
The governor should not mislead city residents by claiming in the media that the water used at 5-Mile and Gerehu fountains are bore water taken from the ground.  
Eda Ranu’s water meter is right there beside the fountains.
Providing water to settlements and villages should be Parkop’s priority because it directly impacts on the livelihood   of people in terms of health, personal hygiene, clean environment, improved living conditions and quality of life.
Beautifying the city with flower gardens and erecting elaborate structures at roundabouts, in our view, are not impact projects. 
We do not need flower gardens to survive.
We desperately need water.
It is now more than three years since we elected Parkop into office but it appears his priorities have been completely misplaced. 
We, the people in the settlements and villages, gave him our overwhelming support in the 2007 general election.
But if he continues to neglect us, he can forget about another term in parliament.


Kande Man
Port Moresby