We only slapped the doctor, say dead man’s relatives

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The National, Thursday July 18th, 2013

 RELATIVES of the man who died of throat cancer at the Mt Hagen General Hospital have denied attacking a doctor last Saturday.

Anis Kiap’s family members said yesterday they had slapped the doctor and not attack him as claimed.

The deceased’s brother, Paul Kiap, said the doctor ignored the call when Anis was facing difficulty breathing as the tube inserted into his throat to support his breathing was blocked.

Anis had three operations since being diagnosed with cancer last year, with one this year.

Paul said at around 10am on Friday Anis’ wife approached the doctor but he said: “Mi gat family problem na busy (I have family problems and I’m busy) and never returned.

He said calls were made to the doctor but they went unanswered. The ambulance went looking for him too. But around midnight he (doctor) returned. We smelled alcohol as he was talking to us,” he said.

Paul said the doctor then left and did not return until the next day.

“At around 5pm the next day, the doctor announced his death, we got frustrated and slapped him.”