We should be nobody’s puppet


AFTER Australia, Papua New Guinea is the second largest country in the region in terms of population and the landmass.
We have been independent since 1975 and turning 44 on Sept 16. Obviously we are matured enough to make our own decisions, look after ourselves and protect our sovereignty rather than allowing western countries to destroy and take what is here.
The Government is being manipulated and influenced by foreign countries like the United States and its allies.
The world is in a new cold war with other emerging powers in our region after the US broke away from the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty last year.
On Sept 7-17, emerging powers like Russia, China, North Korea and Mongolia held a large-scale military exercise at the eastern Russian city of Vladivostok.
We also have other geopolitical tensions going on like issues over the South China Sea, the trade war between the United States and China and other political bickerings.
In this case, the government should halt the joint security naval base agreement with Australia on Manus Island.
It is not good to set up a naval base in our country because Australia is always a puppet to the United States and does as the US says.
These countries have some very surreptitious deals and the motive unknown.
They always say that it is to protect our boarder and coordinate defence cooperation but the reality is that they are only trying to establish this as a launchpad for a counterattack on our Asian neighbours in case of a military conflict in the future.
PNG should remain neutral at all time and continue its good diplomatic relations with all.
We should not become a puppet of other countries and powers.

Kela Weso
Lai Valle