We want update on Koekam alluvial mining

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday July 29th, 2013

 CAN I ask Mining Minister Byron Chan, Kompiam-Ambun member John Pundari, Chinese-owned developer Nanjiang Holdings Ltd, Elmaniel Inc and landowner representatives Willie Pyawe and Bob Muiyo what is going on with the alluvial gold mining at Koekam?

The people of Kompiam-Ambun, Enga, and the rest of PNG need to know its progress but there is nothing in the media.

We hear of so many landowner issues not being addressed and environmental damage happening along the Timin and Koe Rivers. 

The resources at Koekam belong to the customary landowners, but it affects the economy and the rest of PNG must know what alluvial mining is doing and the plans set to develop Aperas, Wapai, Pakalilyam, Yawalimanda, Paip and the rest of Kompiam LLG and Enga.

Nanjiang Holdings cannot just hide from the rest of the world while damaging what is above and extracting what is below. 

I also call upon former MPs, Dickson Maki, Mark Minala and Rex Nakau to give us their side of the story in handling landowner issues so that the people are informed.

Everyone must be winners in the end, especially the illiterate and poor landowners in Koekam. 

We want to know how our gold is helping to improve the lives of landowners in Koekam. 

Some principal landowners are living outside the district or province and cannot come to Koekam to see what is happening because of work. 

We need an explanation and information.

Malipin  Aiyelwan Yuuk, Via email