We will miss you, Aquila Emil

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ON behalf of colleagues of the late Aquila Emil from 6-Mile dump, Mango main, East Boroko, I would like to send our tribute and condolences to the family of Aquila who was murdered over the weekend.
He was a role model to the youths in this area when he played for Brothers Rugby League Club years back and he continued to support youth development after he hung up his boots from international representative football.
He was a humble, friendly and non-violent person and was well liked by people who associated with him.
We just could not understand how on earth a non-violent person could be shot dead in an uncivilised manner.
He was one of the very few high profile league players who decided to give back to the country his skills and experience through youth league development.
As he walked around Boroko and saw any familiar face, he would talk about his involvement with junior league development and asked them to come around for training at Apex park.
He went on to be part of the PNG National Rugby League bid.
He was a great man, a true nationalist who unselfishly gave his life for development of rugby league in the country and we will all miss him.
We call on the Police Department to look into how firearm licences are issued.
The community will be satisfied once the main suspect is put behind bars and pay the price for his action.
We will miss you, Aquila Emil.


Colleagues at 6-Mile dump
Port Moresby