Weak heads of disciplined forces must go

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday July 25th, 2013

 THE current situation surrounding our disciplined forces, namely the defence force (PNGDF), police force and Correctional Service (CS), is ringing alarm bells. 

It is telling the Government and the people that a change at the very top of these institutions is overdue. 

How can the Government talk about change, but does not act swiftly when PNGDF personnel harass citizens who they are sworn to protect? 

How can the government continue to tolerate police officers who steal and harass or CS officers who allow prisoners to come in and out of prison or escape? 

If the government is serious about change, it should replace the heads of the respective institutions, namely Francis Agwi, Tom Kulunga and Martin Balthazar . 

The body of these institutions will perform only when the heads are loyal, disciplined and trustworthy. 

The current situation is an indication of weak heads. 

It is in my view that the government of Peter O’Neill is only pretending and is in reality, weak. 

Change for the better is needed and the government must start to swing the axe. 



Port Moresby